Household Tanks

Potable water is used to fill household tanks for a variety of uses, like showering, washing
dishes, cooking, flushing and more. It’s also commonly used for camping, RVing, caring for animals and watering trees.

Folks living on hauled water are some of the most creative, resourceful, and water conserving people you’ll meet. Check out some of these useful tips that will cause you to pause…

  • As you’re waiting for water to warm up in the shower, capture the cold water in a bucket and use it later for dishes, watering plants, boiling pasta, etc. It’ll help stretch those precious gallons in your tank!
  • Measuring the water in your tank can be done in many ways, from using sophisticated monitors to knocking on the tank. For the knocking method, start low (thunk thunk thunk) then move higher (tink tink tink). Move up and down until you find the perfect thunk-tink combo and that’s where the water level is!
  • In the summer months when the water is coming out of the tap at over 100 degrees, turn off the water heater and let the water cool down in the water heater tank. Then use the water in the water heater as cool water, which should be at least 10 degrees cooler. Plus, you’ll save money by not using the water heater!

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